Friday, April 12 2024

HVAC Dispatcher

Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ

Job Description:
As a proud member of the Sky Blue team, they are a positive representation of their company, by exhibiting
the company’s core values, following company standards, and providing excellent service externally and internally. Providing daily support to the Service Technicians out in the field while managing dispatch boards and dissolving job site complications.

Job Duties:
– Take return phone calls from clients and technicians. Answering questions and scheduling/rescheduling
– Timely lead handling from any third party source. Ensuring leads are contacted, booked and returning clients
calls have been made.
– Make outbound existing attached and non attached customers to book appointments and keep schedules full
for the service department.
– Dispatch for profit. Ensure that the correct technicians are scheduled on the correct calls.
– Work with the call by call manager to ensure that the right opportunities are scheduled to the right calls.
– Provide field support to the technicians with anything customer service related.
– Ten to clear the technicians prior to them leaving their appointments.

Job Expectations:
A Dispatcher is required to show up each day to work/ for all schedule shifts and to perform all job duties listed
above. If for any reason they are unable to fulfill any/ all of their duties or will be unable to be at any scheduled shift, they are required to notify the Office Manager, atleast 2 hours prior to their shift. A Dispatcher is required to be a positive
representation of the Sky Blue Team at all times, following all handbook rules and policies, professionally.

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